Beethoven Ninth: Rave Reviews!

“The distillation of a lifetime investigating composers’ truest intentions, this account of the Ninth is unprecedented in using all 14 of Beethoven’s late-added metronome marks. In bonus discs, Zander takes the marks and shows their potential. They seem to make the work easier to sing, though the players are stretched in the super fast second-movement trio.

But this account of the work heaps revelation on revelation.”

—Paul Driver
The Sunday Times (London)



“Zander’s reasoning is consistently sensible, scholarly and compelling… in explaining his efforts to take the composer at his word, Zander gets to the crux of musical interpretation.”

Andrew Farach-Colton



“Absolutely wonderful! It is a unique and revolutionary interpretation! I love it. The recording is amazing and I was so glad to be part of the project with Ben! I respect him a lot.”

—Fabrizio Falasca
Assistant Concertmaster, Philharmonia Orchestra



“This is a fascinating and in many ways epoch-making issue … a vitally important addition to the Beethoven discography, and indeed to Beethoven studies generally … The singing and playing is magnificently passionate and imaginative, and therefore 100% worth hearing.”

“Benjamin Zander is not only a fine conductor … but also a true scholar; someone who not only feels deeply where music is concerned, but thinks deeply too, something that far from all conductors do.”

—Gwyn Parry-Jones
MusicWeb International



“Essentially, then, it is not exactly that the resulting performance is simply faster, but that the range of speeds from movement to movement, and between sections, is less extreme. Each section, individually, is revivified with a new dynamic momentum and freshness, as though stripping back the accumulated layers of varnish and dirt to reveal the litheness and urgency of Beethoven’s inspiration.”

“Orchestra and Chorus make a convincing case for the work in this guise by sustaining the tempos with consistent virtuosity, whilst transcending mere observance of the beat to create innate musicality from the notes.”

—Curtis Rogers
Classical Source



“Zander’s Ninth is Beethoven’s Ninth”

“… it is electrifying and captures the extraordinarily diverse … four movements in all their glory.”

—Raul da Gama
World Music Report



“With this recording of the Ninth and the two discs of explanation, Maestro Zander has offered a stimulus to our often too passive involvement in listening to classical music that should enrich our musical experience of this glorious work and motivate us to become more deeply engaged in interpretation.

Of even greater significance is that Zander, the soloists, chorus and orchestra offer a glorious performance, as stirring as it is fascinating.

—Lew Smoley
Classical Podcasts