Music and Transformation

“Music is a story. It’s an unfolding of a story. And it opens the emotional pores to all of life’s experience. And that’s the purpose of transformation. Mendelssohn said that music is a much more precise language than words. And when you think of how easily we misunderstand words – and God knows there’s enough evidence of that at this time. But music speaks directly to the heart. It speaks through the molecules. And it’s irresistible. As I approach my 80th birthday, I have no intention of stopping at any point from doing what I do because it’s my lifeblood. That’s where I get my joy and my life from. It’s the sense that people’s lives are really transformed.”

—Benjamin Zander, From a broadcast conversation with Guy Raz on NPR’s TED Radio Hour

The Transformative Power Of Classical Music
Benjamin Zander’s 2008 TED Talk has forever changed the way that the world thinks about classical music.
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‘The Essential Ability To Change’ (Snippet)
In a coaching session on the opening of Bach’s 1st Cello Suite, Zander focuses on musical expression while also illustrating a broader lesson: that musicians, and all humans for that matter, grow the most when they open themselves up to the possibility of transformative change. 
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TED Radio Hour: How Art Changes Us
Zander joins Guy Raz, host of NPR's TED Radio Hour, for a conversation on music's mysterious ability to transform the lives of conductors, players, and listeners.