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Natalie's Thank You Letter

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Dear Mr. Zander,

Hi, I’ve heard that you have some of your students do “white sheets”. So, I’m going to do a white sheet on Petrushka and how I understand it. I loved that when you explained it, you really felt it as much as I. You made me understand the piece as well as get to know Petrushka, the Moor, and the Ballerina. Although, I still don’t know what the ballerina saw in the Moor. In my head, the characters come to life and I see everything. I also loved “Pooh Sticks” and how you made the characters dance in my head – again. Now, if you could guess, what do you think happened to the Moor and the Ballerina? Did they get married? Did the ballerina marry Petrushka’s ghost? Thank you so, so much for getting in touch with me and my mum; it has really changed my life. I’m sure that you’ve spent a long time doing the recording just for me!

Thank you,


Please download the PDF (below) to see a picture of Natalie’s original letter.

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