“I realized that my job is to awaken possibility in others.”

The Benjamin Zander Center is the collection of resources made by Benjamin Zander as a musician, teacher, and communicator.

Our Vision

The possibility of a world transformed through deep engagement with music performance and education.

Our Mission

To create opportunities at scale for individuals and organizations to experience the transformational teachings of Benjamin Zander and share them with the world.

The Benjamin Zander Center offers a vast number of videos, audio recordings, lectures, articles, essays, documentaries, and interviews. These resources, in ongoing production, serve to provide insight into Zander’s unique ability to affect positive change through music to a worldwide audience. The Center also provides the opportunity for individuals to share their stories about the impact that his work has had on their lives.

“Everybody loves classical music - they just haven’t found out about it yet."

— Benjamin Zander

From the Maestro’s Desk

Dear Friends,

As I approach my eightieth year, I am honored by the determination of my colleagues to gather material—videos, recordings, and written work— that are representative of my entire career. I frequently encounter musicians, amateurs, professionals, and students, who ask me how they might get access to these materials. Now we will have a home for them. The Benjamin Zander Center will be the repository for the work I have done as conductor, educator, and speaker. And since I am currently as active as I ever have been, “visitors” to the Center will gain front row seats to my ongoing work.

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