From the maestro’s desk:

Dear Friends,
As I approach my eightieth year, I am honored by the determination of my colleagues to gather material—videos, recordings, and written work— that are representative of my entire career. I frequently encounter musicians, amateurs, professionals and students, who ask me how they might get access to these materials. Now we will have a home for them.  The Benjamin Zander Center will be the repository for the work I have done as conductor, educator and speaker. And since I am currently as active as I ever have been, “visitors” to the Center will gain front row seats to my ongoing work.
– Ben Zander

About Us

Our Vision: To use musical communication and performance as a vehicle for fostering a better world. One where all of humankind has access to the immense benefit of deep engagement through relationships, communication, and passion.

Our Mission: To provide a direct global portal to Benjamin Zander’s musical and life teachings, forging transformative pathways to human growth.

Throughout his career, Benjamin Zander has developed a vitally human and transformative approach to making and teaching music. Over the years, a vast array of media has evolved to serve as windows into Zander’s creative, educational, and musical practices. His work is seen most clearly through audio recordings, videos, lectures, articles, discussions, documentaries, and interviews. The core purpose of the Benjamin Zander Center is to create a digital home for these materials. By establishing a home that serves as a direct point of access, the Center will not only engage those who have already been directly affected by Zander’s work, but also act as a portal for the many individuals, on a global scale, who stand to benefit from his artistic approach.

Our Offerings

In collaboration with a variety of worldwide arts organizations, the Core Team of the Benjamin Zander Center has compiled hundreds of audio, video, and written materials dating back to the 1960s. These dynamic media items, some offered publicly for the first time, have been hand-crafted into collections that highlight elemental themes specific to Benjamin Zander’s mission. Visitors to the Benjamin Zander Center will be given engaging access to these curated collections, as well as powerful search tools to allow for direct discovery within a comprehensive database of all media items. In addition to showcasing presentations by maestro Zander from the past, the Center is also dedicated to curating and capturing ongoing projects and pursuits.