“I realized that my job is to awaken possibility in others.”

The Zander Experience

Immerse yourself in the life and teachings of Benjamin Zander!

“Everybody loves classical music, it’s just that some people haven’t found out about it yet.”

— Benjamin Zander

What is the BZC?

The Benjamin Zander Center is the collection of resources made by Benjamin Zander as a musician, teacher, and communicator. It exists to increase the impact of the musical and life teachings of Benjamin Zander, enabling transformative opportunities for individuals and organizations throughout the world.

“Benjamin Zander was put on this earth to set young people on their path to a lifelong relationship with music.”

— Richard Dyer, Chief Music Critic of the Boston Globe for 33 years

Ben’s Ted Talk

Benjamin Zander's TED Talk 'The Transformative Power of Classical Music' is the most viewed TED Talk on music, having been seen by over 20 million people.

“All of his life, Ben Zander has been an engine for inspiration, leading young musicians to explore the infinite possibilities of expression through music. His immense imagination and unique interpretative vision of the musical repertoire have served as a catalyst for people of all ages to enrich and give life more meaning.”

— Yo-Yo Ma

Interpretation Classes

Benjamin Zander's Interpretation Classes have become YouTube sensations! Generations of musicians have been stimulated by his all-encompassing approach, his communicative openness, and his commitment to creating ambassadors for the art form.

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“The world's oldest teenager!'

— Sir Simon Rattle


Zander's emotionally rich and insightful performances stem from his endless pursuit of deeper understanding of the masterworks of classical music.

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“Music lovers have not had so enthusiastic a guide into the mysterious world of classical music since the glory days of Leonard Bernstein.”

— High Fidelity

Listening Guides

Enrolling a global community to become lifelong devotees of classical music, Listening Guides provide a deeper dive into individual pieces of music in the BZC. Read essays or listen to interviews and lectures by Benjamin Zander.

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“When you make music you don’t purposefully move your body: the music pushes you. That’s why I call it one-buttock playing.”

— Benjamin Zander


Collections are specially curated by the Benjamin Zander Center team to provide deeper insight into Zander's unique ability to affect positive change through music to a worldwide audience.

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The Center provides the opportunity for individuals to share their stories about the impact that Ben’s work has had on their lives. Please click the links below to share your thoughts with Ben and others about anything on the site.