“I realized that my job is to awaken possibility in others.”

Interpretation Classes

Young performers of exceptional ability working on the most inspiring aspects of music-making!


What are Interpretation Classes?

Benjamin Zander’s Saturday morning Interpretation Classes are among the most extraordinary – and, thanks to video, most widely seen – of all the conductor’s musical activities. During these classes, which are free to everyone, Mr. Zander guides highly accomplished young musicians who live or study in the Boston area to more communicative, more alive interpretations of a huge range of classical masterworks. The audience at these events feels very much a part of the process of transformation that unfolds, week after week. Mr. Zander’s famed communication skills and lifetime immersion in all aspects of musical performance make him a transformative musical coach who guides and inspires players of all instruments to a deeper understanding of what the music is actually asking of the performer and how to communicate that with the greatest intensity and authenticity to the audience. These classes give everyone involved a window into how music can and should be performed in order to engage, stimulate and inspire the audience at the deepest level.




Interpretation Class

Mahler: Symphony no. 5 - 1st movement - Trumpet Solo

"It's a solitary bugler, left on the battlefield with four thousand dead soldiers."

— Benjamin Zander


Piano Trio