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Shostakovich: Cello Concerto no. 1, mvt 1

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Brian Lee (cello) with Dina Vainshtein (piano)

R. Terra
'Watching Maestro Zander's master class is always an enriching experience. The life he brings to the music and the utmost dignity with which he treats those young talents is truly inspiring. This particular master class was no different, if not more captivating. Hearing the firsthand account of the first performance of this masterpiece was simply 'wow'. I wish Brian Lee all the best and hope to eventually watch a recording of him playing with the full orchestra.'
Howard Cohen
'Thanks loads for the video, Ben. Your energy-level is terrific and a gritty dare to any young musician sitting next to you. David went from playing nicely to expressing it all (terror, flight, fighting spirit etc.) and now I'm exhausted. Glad you took off his glasses before the last screams. Thanks to the musicians, Brian and Dina.'
Jody Irwin
'My favorite so far!'
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