“I realized that my job is to awaken possibility in others.”


Mozart: The Marriage of Figaro - Deh vieni, non tardar

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Maria Whitcomb (soprano) and Paula Vitolo (piano)

‘Take the audience into a world that they actually have no access to without you. Normal people can’t get to this place and Mozart teaches us how to get there a pure love, a pure deep nature, sensitive caring love, that all human beings can aspire to That’s something which is so hard and yet at the same time the reason to get up in the morning’

— Benjamin Zander

'Always a joy to see musicians transition to artists. Zander and his students are brilliant.'
'Maestro, can you start all over again, but make it mandatory, we need to save our feelings and be happy'
Julie Lockfeld
'It’s so hard, but a reason to get up in the morning. Love that and his wisdom and brilliance. So grateful to be allowed to observe.'
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