“I realized that my job is to awaken possibility in others.”


Schubert: Schwanengesang "Aufenthalt"

Interpretation Class
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Christian Schwebler (baritone) with Dina Vainshtein (piano)

Luca Farina Hollricher
'He is such a nice person, and every respect for him to reach this level of singing as a non professional singer. I loved every word he sang, and I'm German. Even if he is not a professional he touched my heart. Thanks for sharing this classes with us, I can't stop watching.
Everyone needs a little Zander in their life!'
'I am not a musician but raised musical children. I cannot get enough of Benjamin Zander's master classes! He is a rare and brilliant communicator. I'm sure his interpretation classes have influenced and inspired many musicians and music lovers, young and old. Thank you Mr. Zander.'
'Mr. Zander, you are a blessing of mankind! If anyone could still save the world, it would be you and your idea of the universal power of music! The world needs to listen to this!'
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