“I realized that my job is to awaken possibility in others.”


Schubert: Song "An die Musik"

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Wei En Chan (countertenor), Liya Nigmati (piano)

“This is a prayer for all human beings, thanking music Your voice has to take on the spiritual intensity for all mankind.”

— Benjamin Zander

Steffen Thole
'His pronunciation is on point! In parts it's even better than me singing - and I AM German. Very impressive.
Also, I really adore his voice, it is so direct and yet warm and sweet.'
Luc Chanson
'Let's give the pianist a huge round of applause! She humbly grew into a great pianist in 20 minutes!!!'
The Man
'Amazing performance, bravo! And long may Benjamin Zander continue in his illuminating work with music which has changed everything for me. Love and Respect.'
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