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Beethoven: Violin Concerto - 1st movement

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Deborah Palmer (violin) and Johnathon Shin (piano)

Trevor Stolz
'I am 46 years old, started playing violin as an adult (I played piano since childhood) and working on grade 7 Royal Conservatory of Music exam. So, I'm certainly not up to this calibre of musicianship, but these videos always make me feel very inspired. I feel like I can do it, even if it takes the next 10 years of my life. Thanks for the inspiration!'
AssHattery Engaged
'The weight of the world with all of its tasks and tests bears down on all of us constantly. It's refreshing to hear an instructor consciously and consistently steer these artists' focus to the contrary. Thank you.'
Claire Potter
'When I practice violin I imagine Benjamin Zander on my shoulder singing, talking to me as I play, lose your inhibitions! talk to them! communicate! give up that weight! It really helps my playing.'
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