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Beethoven: Piano Trio no. 7 "Archduke", mvt 1

Interpretation Class
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Yeonji Shim (violin), Barna Károly (cello), William Hume (piano)

JP dj
'All three students IMO actually played their opening performance well, as students. No bad sounds. But it sounded obligate or on auto-pilot and lacked "soul". Then Zander started to teach them interpretation and performance and it speaks to the students' level that they understood his teachings and were able to perform his vision of the interpretation, or at least make a begin with that.
If there is one thing with these students, then it might be that they need coaching on another level than they have had so far.
Watching at home from the other side of the world, this gave an ear-to-ear smile on my face for about 40 minutes.'
Howard Cohen
'Thanks Ben, for helping these musicians over the hurdles so that they might express that love so that we can also bathe in that - our - love. Weiterhin, gute Besserung. Love.'
Mazzen Alamri
“It’s all about Love”
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