“I realized that my job is to awaken possibility in others.”


Fauré: Elegy

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Alan Toda-Ambaras (cello) with Dina Vainshtein (piano)

‘No no, no no no, the mistake was fine, it didn’t matter at all, we think mistakes matter: mistakes don’t matter!’

— Benjamin Zander

Michael Kaiser
'"The last six inches of bow is where death lies." Wow.'
Jordan Nelson
'Benjamin Zander reminds us that beyond the technical aspects of music we are here to fully express the wide range of emotions that composers have laid out before us. As a musician, we must be confident enough to display our vulnerabilities in the hopes of reaching out to our listeners.'
Dave Lars
'Mr. Zander is a master at masterclasses! Most masterclasses are, "You played it that way, but now listen to my way?" He didn't even play, and brought the essence of the music to the great young player, the pianist, and the audience! Great!'
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