“I realized that my job is to awaken possibility in others.”




‘Since our last concert in Symphony Hall on March 12th, we have been trying to find a way for BPYO to continue to function in the Covid-19 era.’


And so began the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra’s venture into the unknown might a socially distanced orchestra be possible?

Ben’s proposal to his young musicians:


‘You will be invited to go on a personal and collective journey, as if you were taking on the role of a conductor. This idea is inspired by our mission: Shaping Future Leaders through Music. Each member, irrespective of age or level of experience will be given the opportunity to explore the musical, psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual challenges that face a conductor. It is a journey into the unknown at a time when the world is living each day in the unknown and it will require transformational thinking at every turn.’

BPYO in discussion

'I feel like my musical consciousness comes from a handfull of musical memories'

— Iverson, a BPYO member, discussing the impact of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra

BPYO Rehearsals

'If they fall asleep in your concert, it's not their fault'

— Benjamin Zander

'I’m always inspired by this organization’s commitment to constant metamorphosis and innovation.'

— Henry, BPYO member

'Ben, this is a brilliant offering, and we all are thankful to you for your forward moving and encompassing energy!'

— Kim Kashkashian, International Soloist

'Amongst all the chaos, I can honestly say the two hours I spend on Saturdays with BPYO is a major source of anxiety and stress relief.'

— Emily, BPYO member