“I realized that my job is to awaken possibility in others.”

BPYO South Africa Tour 2023

The Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra toured to South Africa in 2023! News and stories about the tour appear here! The 120-member orchestra of talented 12 to 21-year olds—led by its co-founder and guiding force Benjamin Zander—embarked on a 15-day, multi-city tour. In fulfillment of the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra’s motto of “Shaping Future Leaders through Music,” the 2023 tour featured performances throughout South Africa, and numerous opportunities to collaborating with local young musicians. The tour was arranged by the international tour management company, Classical Movements.

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Tour Report: Ben Zander

Everyone I meet these days wants to know: “How was the tour to South Africa?” In a word: Fantastic! But that doesn’t tell you much - only that we had a wonderful time. If you wanted to quickly get a sense of what impact the tour made on the kids and the people they encountered and how the concepts of Possibility filtered into every aspect of the tour, I think this letter from our first flute might be all you would need to read