“I realized that my job is to awaken possibility in others.”

Roz Zander and the BPO

Roz Zander was the former wife and lifelong partner in possibility of Ben Zander. For a forty-six year partnership, she was a guide, a companion in thought, a creator, and supporter of everything in Ben’s musical world.

Following her death in 2023, Ben and the Boston Philharmonic dedicated a concert to her. This Collection celebrates Roz Zander and provides online access to this special event. Included is Ben’s Dedication to Roz; the Boston Philharmonic’s emotion-driven performance; Ben’s pre-concert Guide to the Music, as well as the brief finale featuring Ben’s final words and deeply-felt performance of Elgar’s ‘Nimrod’. Also you can access the Concert Program and the Reviews of the performance.

This was a special concert celebrating the life of someone whose ‘spirit and vision guided the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra to new heights’. She is deeply missed by the orchestra and its supporters.

Ben's dedication to Roz Zander

The Concert

Ben's closing remarks and Nimrod

The Reviews

Dedicated to Rosamund Stone Zander