New Release: Benjamin Zander Conducts Beethoven Nine

“This account of the work heaps revelation on revelation.”

—Paul Driver, The Sunday Times (London)

Brattle Media is proud to announce the international release of Benjamin Zander’s recording and discussion of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 with the Philharmonia Orchestra, The Philharmonia Chorus, and soloists Rebecca Evans, Patricia Bardon, Robert Murray, and Derek Welton. This collection serves as an informative gateway to many elements of the project, as well as a source for news and commentary.

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Beethoven Ninth: Rave Reviews!
Reviewers from Gramophone, The Sunday Times, and more weigh in
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Press Release: The Story of Zander’s Journey with the Ninth
Learn more about the components that led to this project, and hear how certain moments of Zander's new recording differ significantly from interpretations of the past.
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Complete Discussion Discs: Zander on Beethoven’s Ninth
Brattle Media is pleased to offer all content from Zander's discussion of the Ninth
Proof: Beethoven’s Metronome Marks
Beethoven's metronome markings in his own hand, scanned from the Conversation Book with his nephew Karl.
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