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Date & Time Fri, October 20, 2023
8 - 10pm

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Location Symphony Hall, Boston

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Rossini –William Tell Overture

Elgar – Violin Concerto (Guy Braunstein, violin)

Beethoven – Symphony No. 7



Beethoven’s Seventh, the most vigorous, relentlessly yet joyously driving of all the Beethoven symphonies, reaches by the end of its course a sort of ecstatic frenzy.

Long a test piece for discipline and precision among even the world’s most renowned orchestras, it has proved a stunning success in performances by Benjamin Zander and the Philharmonic in the past. Mr. Zander’s belief in the validity of Beethoven’s metronome markings for the symphonies is always a springboard for fresh insights, and there will be many surprises and certain exhilaration in the orchestra’s performance of this great work.

We are extraordinarily fortunate in our soloist for this performance of Elgar’s Violin Concerto. Violinist and conductor Guy Braunstein has been praised by Concerti  “Braunstein is an outstanding violinist, he is as virtuoso as he is gifted in music.” RBB Kultur Radio says “With his intense playing and sheer endless musical imaginativeness, Guy Braunstein joins the ranks of history’s great violinists.”


  • Watch Guy Braunstein perform Paganiniana.
  • The Boston Philharmonic Orchestra first performed Elgar’s Violin Concerto on March 4, 1990, with Oscar Shumsky as soloist.
  • The Boston Philharmonic Orchestra last performed Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 during the 20th anniversary season on October 10th  and 11th, 1998.

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