Funeral Statement – Luke Zander
Words spoken by Luke Zander, brother of Benjamin Zander, at the funeral service of their father Dr. Walter Zander

Thursday 15th April 1993.

The death of one’s father is a momentous experience, the effect of which is not diminished by one’s own increasing age.

Many tears have been shed during these past few days and more may well come to one’s eyes this afternoon. But these are not tears of sadness about what has taken place. One could not have been more content about the wonderfully peaceful end to my father’s long, full, rich and enriching life, with the loving care that he received at Crohamleigh, and with his family near him. The tears represent the deep sense of personal loss that has been felt by all those who came into contact with this remarkable man.

My father possessed great human qualities to a rare depth, wisdom, sincerity, integrity and gentle humor, to name but some. These qualities can exist in someone in a very private way, and be admired from afar without oneself becoming personally involved. What made my father such a special person was the degree to which he affected the lives of others. His life enhanced the lives of all of us.

He achieved this through his selfless support and interest in all we did. Right up to the very last days of his life, he continued to use the phrase that we had all heard so often, “Is there anything I can do to help you?” At a time of life when one could well expect a person to be seeking the help of others, it was he who continued to provide support to all around him, irrespective of the nature of the common ground that he always managed to find between himself and them.

There is no way that more perfectly demonstrates his spirit, and his capacity for love than the words he spoke at Mother’s graveside. It is for this reason that we felt we wanted to share them with you today, and also so that the lives of these two wonderful people would be united once more in our minds and hearts.

In the words that you used at that time, “Your memory is a blessing.”

Thank you for being who you were, and thank you for helping to make us who we are.

God Bless You.