“I realized that my job is to awaken possibility in others.”


Brahms: Cello Sonata no. 1 - 1st movement

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Hotin Chen (cello) with Dina Vainshtein (piano)

Robin Ampipparampil
'The kid is amazing. He plays subtle dynamics with finesse. The woman at 12:05 and 20:55 is wonderful. It is as though there is the subtle spirit of music. The pianist is brilliant and Benjamin Zander is awesome. And yes, the composition by Brahms is extraordinarily warm and evocative. What an experience!'
Luigi Podestá
'34:00 He gave him a great piece of advice for life, in a superb way. How much passion and experience! I wish I could met Mr. Zander once, at least to attend one of his concerts.'
Bill Bonner
'The audience reaction says a lot - the smiles - the pleasure they get from the way Zander conducts the lesson - great stuff'
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