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Debussy: La Mer

Live Performance
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'This is a wonderful performance. Those of us past a certain age remember when Munch and the BSO used routinely to trot La Mer and the Ravel Daphnis Suite No. 2 our nearly every year. They were performed as wild, shapeless Concertos for Great. Orchestra. This performance lets you hear Debussy, lets you hear the innards of the composition, the reasons, after all, the work became canonical in the first place. Zander and his young players really make you pay attention! Still, I must confess that whenever I hear La Mer or the Daphnis Suite No. 2, I keep waiting for Roger Voisin--the BSO's great, highly idiosyncratic principal trumpet--to show up, and I'm always a little disappointed when he doesn't.'
Rodrigo Javier Gonzalez Jacob
'Thank you! I really love this piece. Young musicians sound it's so inspiring.'
Shaun Ireland
'It's a pleasure as always to enjoy the music thank you so much!'
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