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Lalo: Symphonie Espagnole - 1st movement

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Sarah Hadley-Yakir (violin)

Pablo Varela
'Sarah, you change my boring and quite sad day into a very happy one, is very rare in this days watching and listening someone capable to comunicate such passion for music. I wish one day I can listen you on concert. Thank you!'
Marian Matei
'I’ve watched, repeatedly, all of your master classes and, for the first time, you’ve had nothing to teach her, for she is, undoubtedly, an extraordinary violinist, with not only top class violin skills, but also great musicality and soul. I came here, over and over again, and guess what? Every time I listen to her it’s like the first time. Same joy, same astounding commitment to the music itself, same mastership. I only hope I’ll see her, in a very near future, on every great stage of the world. It will be shameful otherwise, because she has so much to offer to the entire world. From Romania, with love!'
'This was hands down the best musical performance and moment I have ever listened too! I am great lover of music of all kinds, be it classical, blues or just anything, I frequently go to concerts, operas, listen to all kinds of classical music online, I play the cello, guitar and a bit of piano myself. Yet, NEVER have I listened to something that was as perfect, transcendent and magical as this. I am truly overwhelmed and left a lot of blabbering here for the lack of better words. This was so moving and true!'
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