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Mahler: Symphony no. 3 (Philharmonia Orchestra)

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Lilli Paasikivi (mezzo soprano), Tiffin Boys Choir, London Philharmonic Choir, Philharmonia Orchestra



‘This is one of the most revelatory moments in the history of surround orchestral recordings, and it deserves to become widely used as demo material. A fortissimo bravo to Zander and Telarc. There’s no better way to begin fathoming this difficult but rewarding work.’ (Mark Fleischman, Home Theater). Click here to read the full review.

‘I don’t think anyone who admires Mahler’s music can afford to do without this new recording.” “I feel that Zanderhas given us a Mahler Third like no other, and has taken his Telarc Mahler series to a new peak.” “Zander’s commentary adds much to one’s appreciation of the music. He is everything you could want in a teacher: well informed, insightful, humane, moving and genuinely enthusiastic.’ (Fanfare Magazine). Click here to read the full review.

‘Now THIS is the real thing. Here is a disc to remind classical lovers why we got so passionately attached to music in the first place I once again find myself nudging aside old favorites in recognition of another outstanding Mahler recording by Benjamin Zander.’ (Mark Jordan, High Fidelity). Click here to read the full review.

‘This is about as enjoyable a performance of Mahler’s Third, his “Nature” symphony, as any I’ve heard in a long time, and the engineers at Telarc have recorded it as realistically as any around. In a package that offers three discs for the price of one, it’s a hard deal to beat.’ (John J. Puccio, Classical Candor). Click here to read the full review.

‘Even without the bonus of the conductor’s absorbing illustrated analysis, this issue (three CDs for the price of one), would be exceptional. The recording, as befits the most fantastically scored of all symphonies, is wonderfully clear‘ (David Cairns, The Times London).

‘Two new recordings of the Third have appeared Better by far is the Philharmonia under our own Benjamin Zander (Telarc CD-80599). This is, as you would expect, a passionate performance; but one which nevertheless manages to highlight the quietest of solo passages, and retain a sense of the sweep of the entire work. The long first movement is particularly fine. A bonus “discussion disc” is well worth listening to‘ (David Littlewood, Wayfarer Magazine)

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