“I realized that my job is to awaken possibility in others.”


Rieding: Violin Concerto no. 2 (An Exploration of Love)

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Annabelle Lee (violin)

Rieding: Violin Concerto no. 2, 1st movement


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'I wonder whether you know how much you have influenced many groups, specifically among Asian parents. About a month ago, my mother showed me a video clip she received. That video was posted by a Chinese education advisor with comments on how mothers should avoid projecting their own anxiety onto their children. And to my surprise, the video is of you teaching a master class to a very young violinist. It is a typical, yet atypical masterclass. It is you teaching a young kid making music. You loosen her up little by little. At the end of the video, you made her smile, and her music surely sounded more alive.'
Nathaniel Robinson
'Oh my God! That poor kid. How could that mother say that at the end about her daughter?! Thank you Benjamin Zander for stepping in and pointing out what is important.'
'Brought me to tears at the end, it reminds me when I was a child.. I gave up violin even though I truly loved music, because I associated so much stress and pressure to it. I wouldn't even want to practise if my mum was within earshot range. I wish I had met Mr Zander back then! But I am grateful for the passion that cultivated within me from a very young age. These lessons are invaluable.'
'It is though a great comfort to know that there are people like Benjamin Zander out there. Trully he gave a great lesson of parenthood and life.'
Manus Noble
'How Benjamin deals with the mother is the best thing I have ever seen in any masterclass. So brave and good of him to address it, bravo.'
Samantha Rose
'What a beautiful and talented little girl. The first thing I thought when I started watching this video is, someone please make her smile and give her a hug she looks so sad. Her music is beautiful, I hope shes allowed to be happy. Well done Mr Zander for addressing such a difficult issue. I hope for Annabelle's sake that her mother listens to his advice!!'
Jonathan Draper
'I am a music teacher. I’ve been working my way through Benjamin Zander’s workshops for fresh teaching ideas. Good grief, the man is wonderful!'
'Watching this marvelous man brings tears of joy and feeling - He is so kind, inspirational and brilliant.'
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