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Schubert: Sonata for Arpeggione and Piano - 2nd movement

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Christine Lee (cello) with Dina Vainshtein (piano)

'Why can't more human beings be like Benjamin Zander?'
'O my such beautiful playing That woman is an amazing cello player. And he is superb at bringing out nuances of feeling and expression.'
'Watching towards the end of the video, that young man's letter to Zander almost made me cry. So beautifully said.'
Marx Movies
'Dearest Benjamin Zander, you've made someone extremely happy. Reading his profound letter in public is just the miracle he couldn't have expected. We love you, Benjamin!
And Schubert loves you too, no doubt.'
'Yup. I had to listen to this again it's so beautiful. Benjamin Zander You could listen to music from the heavens and still give advice on how to make perfection.. more perfect!'
'Ben is such an inspiration. I didn't much care for the Arpeggione sonata until I heard the Rostropovich/Britten recording - now it is a favourite work.'
Andy King
'fortunately he has Dina. Most piano players would be quite annoyed if he as a cellist pushed them aside and showed them some dozed times how to play in this special instance But he is right here because it is no concerto but a teaching situation..'
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