“I realized that my job is to awaken possibility in others.”


TED: Life Lessons from Beethoven's Symphony no. 9

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Following the enormous success of his 2008 TED Talk ‘The transformative power of classical music‘, Ben returned to TED in 2023!

Currently only an audio file of this TED Talk is available on our website. Please CLICK HERE to view the video.

'Benjamin Zander is the living embodiment of ‘possibility’ in all its most glorious forms.. Pure inspiration to me. And that Beethoven Andante was just so beautiful, -it brought tears to my eyes., and it sounded brand-new! Thank you for planting another seed of inspiration'
'He is an artist, a musician, a teacher, philosopher, an entertainer all at once. But most of all, he is a fearless, wise and wonderful man. Thank you, Mr Zander, Sir, for this lesson in possibility!'
'I sincerely love this man. His passion, wisdom, and spirit are infectious. Thank you so much for everything you do, Maestro Zander.'
'Dear maestro Zander. It’s fantastic to see you moving audiences and reaching out to people’s hearts in that way. Thank you so much for this TED conference, as I now will always have your teachings and energy at hand. Best wishes from Costa Rica'
aayla khan
'Thank you, Mr.Zander for such a nice message. It completely changed my mind of thinking about things, situation, and specially believing that I can do things I've dreamt of. Yeah I can say that it's possible now!'
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