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Ysaye: Sonata no. 3 "Ballade"

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John Qiu (violin)

Chester Rougton
'wonderful. encourage the playing, even if it's not flawless.'
Justin Wang
'John Qiu unequivocally captures the spirit and intensity of Ysaÿe's masterpiece here- he gives the work life and spirit that is uplifting and heart-warming. I am at a complete loss for words. Not only are the technically demanding passages flawlessly executed but the underlying story, the true beating heart of the piece, is manifested brilliantly. This performance is undoubtedly at the zenith of perfection; it unconditionally breathes the life of musical passion into the universe.

This is violin playing that inspires, that raises human society to another degree. Sublime.'
Ramesses II Setepenre
'Honestly it was not easy just listening to this piece. I love Ben’s teachings :)'
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