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Beethoven: String Quartet no. 11 "Serioso" - 1st movement

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Janny Joo (violin), Emile Campanelli (violin), Sam Kelder (viola), Tim Paek (cello)

'I can watch this over and over again. To see how the Maestro transforms these already talented young musicians, who have just played an absolutely wonderful Beethoven opus, into a mature, inspiring, satisfying and, now, unrivalled, quartet -- is just incredible! And it's all done right before our eyes. Thank God for Maestro Benjamin Zander who, like the acrobat at the bottom of an acrobatic team, propels his students into astronomical heights.'
Roger V
'Whoever that wonderful family from Connecticut is, thank you for being there. I enjoyed watching your faces and reactions as much as the music.'
Ft Wong
'The moment Mr. Zander increased the tempo from 144 to 164 bpm, the colors of the whole world completely changed! This change has made this quartet become so powerful and outstanding, that world famous quartets like Alban Berg Quartet、Emerson String Quartet cannot compare (just this movement). Isn’t it a miracle? Isn’t it a big miracle of both music interpretation and music education? I believe Beethoven in heaven will be very happy and grateful to Mr. Zander, who made his music so powerful that it moves people and changes the world!'
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