Tours of Possibility

In June of 2013, the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra – then in its inaugural season – embarked on the very first Tour of Possibility to Holland. Since then, the BPYO has gone on three more remarkable journies to the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Peru, Argentina, and Uruguay. Each tour has transformed not only the members of the orchestra but also the audiences and cultures with whom they interact. In this collection, we explore what it is like to go on tour, how the concept of Possibility plays a substantial role, and open our ears and eyes to the magic of the BPYO’s performances abroad.

SHINING EYES: Music’s Power To Connect
Watch the trailer from the forthcoming documentary about the BPYO's 2017 journey to Peru, Argentina, and Uruguay.
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Article – More on BPYO 2016 Tour to Carnegie Hall
How does an orchestra and organization turn on a dime?
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